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TOA Tantra offers many things to many different people: ultra relaxation sensual , erotic , stress management, healing of the body and spirit, an open pause in the chaos of life, and an awakening of one's senses and connection to the universe and energy. 

TOA Tantra is also intended to bring couples far closer together, helping to heighten and celebrate their love for one another; teaching them to have a far more satisfying, invigorating, and complete sex life together. 

TOA sessions are VERY sexy, special, and unique but also VERY professional- clients book weeks, months, even a year in advance; it is at each therapists's discretion to secure a deposit fee which will hold your session day/time and be applied to your session rate, as well as charge a cancellation fee (no less than $100 per client). 


blissful moments

Tantra is a Far Eastern technique used to prolong the sense of well being and blissful sensual moments. It uses touch and breathing to prolong the experience of pleasurable sensation far beyond what one normally feels.

The "Sacred spot"

This includes special Lingam (male) or Yoni (female) touch and working the "sacred spot" to extend this wonderful experience, pausing and then re-starting at special moments to allow the sensual energies to be controlled and enjoyed.

pleasure centers

TOA Tantra will often open sensual centers and pleasurable feelings that the male is typically unable to sustain for long periods, except through TOA Tantra; or centers and feelings that the female had not previously known were possible (women have 14 highly intense energy-releasing pleasure centers whereas males have 2).  

couples sessions

1 therapist

Some couples prefer one therapist working on both of them, at separate times so they can watch each other being worked on and learn what she is doing through observation. 

*This does NOT involve the second member of the couple joining in and helping.  

Couples  Prices

session 4

 This session begins with a lovely meditation followed by bodywork and Tantra teachings. An oiled body to body glide which aligns the chakras (energy centers) creating lots sensual positive energy is preformed. Establishing a powerful connection; the therapists uses the body/body glides to relax and stimulate multiple energy points.  

      *Please note; that although the body glide is super sensual and      stimulating, this does not mean the therapist will be performing          sexual acts of any kind. 




                      PRICES STARTING AT:






session 5

This blended Tantric body rub starts with the therapist working on the couple (same as session 4), but then teaching how to give each other a massage as well- learning some of our secrets behind tantric massage and conscious sensuous touch.This session is great for learning how to do give an authentic Tantra massage for each other. The therapist will show & discuss Tantric techniques.Giving the couple a deeper and more intimate connection with each other.

       *PLEASE NOTE: Under no circumstances is the client allowed to touch the therapist’s Yoni in any TOA session. No TOA therapist is full service nor do they offer sex in any category or for any price! 





                  PRICES STARTING AT: 





We would love to know that you as a couple are as dedicated and excited as we are to to experience a TOA Tantra couples session! Once you choose your therapist and book the time/day for a session- it is at each therapist's discretion to secure a $100 - $200 deposit, this guarantees your session time/day; the deposit will be deducted from your total couples session price. 

*Your chosen therapist will give you her preferred electronic payment information to send the deposit.


Note: The client must agree with this statement regarding what is and is not paid for during a one on one Tantra training or couples training. Donation is for TIME, SPIRITUAL COUNSELING, a specific level of TOA TANTRA MASSAGE/FBSM TRAINING and for a basic relaxing body rub. 

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