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Over 20 Years of


TOA Tatra Goddeses


We are sincerely dedicated to helping others through our gifts we developed and strive to consistently strengthen. Through TOA Tantra, the participating members of our Order seek to take you away from your stresses and worries; to help you reset your mind and refresh your body. 


Our goal is to bring the Light of Love into the darkness of loneliness, depression, and the pressures of every-day life. We are dedicated to ultimate relaxation and healing > healing bodies that are in pain, minds that are confused or panicked, and souls that feel hopelessness. The ultimate goal is to use relaxation, stimulation, senses, and sensuality to elevate the individual to a very real spiritual connection with the Love and Forgiveness of the Universe.


Most members of our association are available 24/7 with reasonable notice. This site does not in any way function as a referral source for any of the TOA  Practitioners.  


You will need to contact each directly via phone call or text.  Contact information can be found under the name of each practitioner on this site HERE.  


For your comfort and convenience Goddesses come to your hotel room. 

In some circumstances Goddesses will come to your residence- if you are a verified client.

At this time None of the Goddesses offer an Incall location- however with advance notice and verification some goddesses will secure a strip hotel (for a fee) for those who can't accommodate for Outcall. 

To see the list of Sessions and Prices, click HERE.

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