We are currently booking session here in Las Vegas!

We realize the amount of stress, confusion, and frustration the past couple years have brought on, and we understand that many are eager to receive our sensual and spiritual healing; however, due to the nature of our Tantra/Reiki body-work it is imperative that those who book with us are healthy- showing absolutely no signs or symptoms of Covid nor having been around anyone who has had the virus within 2 weeks. 

Cautious measures will be taken during sessions by each goddess to insure our personal health as well as our client's- which has always been and will always be our priority; these measures will be at each goddess's discretion and comfort levels. As always- we expect our clients to be clean with good hygiene.

Our schedules have become incredibly busy- planning with us in advance (as much as possible) is the best way to guarantee your time with us. 

Let's be thoughtful and patient with each other as we navigate through these unique times. 

See you soon! 

TOA Tantra

An ultra relaxing, sensual and life-changing experience that helps you build a better connection with yourself and your loved ones. TOA Tantra allows you to enjoy the present moment. 

*We all stay so busy in Las Vegas and we don't want to miss seeing you- book a session with us now for your future trips!  

TOA Tantra Goddesses

Truly Life Changing

If you never received a TOA Bodywork session before, you are in for one of the most exceptional experiences of your life.  TOA sessions are ultra-relaxing and sensual, 

awakening all of your senses and pleasure centers to ride an energy wave, while carrying

you to heights and sensations you have rarely imagined or felt before.  


TOA uniquely synchronizes and blends various techniques including: 

Western Tantra

 Focus on the spiritual and nonreligious form taught by the renowned Indian Guru Osho. Tantra has been practiced for thousands of years in the East but was only brought to the West in the past few decades.  

Reiki Healing Energies

Practiced in a single solitary temple in Tibet for 2500 years until brought out to the world by the Japanese monk Usui in the 1800's.  Reiki energies have long generated amazing physical and emotional healings through the centuries. 


Pressure bodywork and breathing techniques from the East.   

sensual Bodywork

 A blend of ultra slow, hypnotic strokes on the body allows all the other elements of TOA Tantra to work together for ultimate relaxation. 


Self-hypnosis from the West and guided meditations from the East work together, leading the client into a place of true inner peace and deep focus. It allows stress to drift away and renewal for positive changes in one's life. 


A unique blend of guided self-hypnosis to help with many issues, including: job performance, sexual performance, stop smoking, weight control, re-dedication to exercising, increasing love for one's spouse, addictions, stress, suicidal thoughts, memory/trauma, past life regressions, and more. 

* There are many claiming to practice Tantra and/or even claiming to work with our special TOA group; please be cautious when seeking out true Tantra in Las Vegas. ONLY the goddesses you see pictured on this site are true CERTIFIED TOA TANTRA THEREAPISTS. 

Las Vegas
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