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TOA Tantra is a form of Integrated Tantra, centered upon the mind expanding and spiritually freeing energies of Neo Tantra (Western Tantra) blended with other spiritual elements that include the physical and emotional healing energies of Tibetan Reiki, Western Hypnology (the study of Self Hypnosis and Guided Meditations), Shiatsu (Japanese Art of Pressure Points stemming from Traditional Chinese Medicine), and more.  This highly rare and special version of Tantra is wholly spiritual without religious attachments (as opposed to Tantra emanating from Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Taoism).  TOA Tantra has been shaped by the Tantra Order, Tantra Osholon Ananda (T.O.A.), founded by Daka Bhagwan Shri Osholon Anand (referred to as Osholon) who is not only a Certified Tantra Master and Guru (14 Tantra certifications from courses taken in India, Australia, England and the U.S.), but is also a Certified Reiki Master, holder of fully accredited PhD’s in Tantra Studies and Counseling Psychology, a D.D. (Doctor of Divinity), holder of three BA’s in Religious Studies, Theology and Biblical Literature, plus BA’s and MA’s in Counseling Psychology, trained Massage Therapist, Internationally Certified Hypnotist and Hypnologist (certified by 12 organizations), and Ordained Minister.   
Tantra Osholon Ananda is literally defined as "the Tantra of Osholon Anand" or "the Tantra Created by Osholon Anand".  So anyone claiming to do TOA Tantra who has not been trained to the level of FULL TANTRIKA or who is not a current member in good standing of the Order Tantra Osholon Ananda is a fraud and an imposter.  All sanctioned current members of the group Tantra Osholon Ananda are listed here on this web site.
TOA Tantra believes that every human being possesses divinity within – every one of us is a tiny piece and experience of the God Force that connects the entire Universe as One.  The Universe and God are One.  Each of us is One with the Universe and God.  We have only to access the powerful energy of the Universe and God within us.  However, those who practice TOA are not following a religious pursuit, but rather spiritual energies that reside in and around us at all times and are available to all.  We do not need priests, monks or preachers to intercede on our behalf to God and tell us what the Universe wants of us.  We have witnessed the darkness and oppression that often results from religions trying to control the lives of the masses through fear.  Each of us has a direct connection to the Divine and can feel and hear for ourselves what the God Force suggests that we do, if we only quiet our minds and spirit and use our natural energies to do so. 
TOA Tantra focuses upon “Big Tantra” (the Higher Mind, Sacred Sexuality and Mahamudra) as well as “Little Tantra” (Tantric Massage and Energywork).  When training couples or groups at a retreat, Guru Osholon will often address “Big Tantra” and the full spectrum of Sacred Sexuality and its value spiritually in achieving the Higher Mind (oneness with the Universe) and in keeping the bonds between lovers strong and transforming. When training and certifying Tantric Practitioners, the Daka teaches them to be healers in body, mind, and spirit in a way that is both joyous and powerful, physically and emotionally.  Tantric Massage is a subset of “Big Tantra”.  It was devised originally as one of the steps of foreplay for couples and a step towards attaining Mahamudra (blissful harmony with the Universe). But it has also become a very relaxing escape into the Innerverse, Outerverse, and Universe to generate an incomparable experience for those receiving it. 
With so many people suddenly claiming to know Tantra (when 99% of them cannot even define it), we are now emphasizing TOA Tantra, rather than just Tantra, to distinguish that our practitioners offer the rarest, most sensual, spiritual and most beneficial form of Tantra to their clients. Truthfully our group can profess that there are fewer than 10 people FULLY trained and certified in TOA Tantra in all of Nevada, with less than 50 certified nationwide. There are a few who tried to complete the training and even attempted the Beginner's level but failed to complete full training and do not begin to know real TOA. 
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