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We are sincerely dedicated to helping others through our gifts we developed and strive to consistently strengthen.  Through TOA Tantra, the participating members of our Order seek to take you away from your stresses and worries; to help you reset your mind and refresh your body. 

Our goal is to bring the Light of Love into the darkness of loneliness, depression, and the pressures of every-day life.  We are dedicated to ultimate relaxation and healing - healing bodies that are in pain, minds that are confused or panicked, souls that feel hopelessness.  The ultimate goal is to use senses and sensuality to elevate the individual to a very real spiritual connection with the Love and Forgiveness of the Universe.

What is a TOA Tantra Bodywork Session?

If you have never received a TOA Bodywork session, then you are in for one of the most exceptional experiences of your life.  TOA sessions are not only ultra-relaxing but also deliciously sensual- awakening all of your senses and pleasure centers to ride an energy wave, carrying you to heights and sensations you have rarely imagined or felt before.  For many TOA proves to be truly life changing.  TOA uniquely synchronizes and blends various techniques including: 

1.  Western Tantra (also known as Neo Tantra) from India- especially the spiritual and nonreligious form taught by the renowned Indian Guru Osho. Tantra has been practiced for thousands of years in the East but was only brought to the West in the past few decades.  

2. Reiki Healing Energies from Tibet- practiced in a single solitary temple in Tibet for 2500 years until brought out to the world by the Japanese monk Usui in the 1800's.  Reiki energies have long generated amazing physical and emotional healings through the centuries. 

 3.  Shiatsu- pressure bodywork and breathing techniques from the East.   

4.  Sensual Bodywork- a blend of ultra slow hypnotic strokes on the body allows all the other elements of TOA Tantra to work together for ultimate relaxation. 

5.  Hypnology- bringing together self-hypnosis from the West with guided meditations from the East to lead the subject into a place of true inner peace and deep focus to allow stress to drift away while renewing to make positive changes in one's life. 

6.  Hypnossage- a complete unique blend of guided self-hypnosis jointly with full body rub for ultimate relaxation and to help with many issues,  including erectile dysfunction, job performance, sexual performance, stop smoking, weight control, rededication to exercising, increasing love for one's spouse, addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping), stress, suicidal thoughts, memory, past life regressions and more. As is always stated with hypnosis: all hypnosis is ‘self-hypnosis’ so such sessions are in truth guiding and teaching the client self-hypnosis to overcome their challenges.  *Note: that no one can be induced to do anything under hypnosis or self-hypnosis that he or she does not want to do; therefore if the client is not open to making changes and accepting the self-love that TOA brings, changes will struggle to take place.  

*NOTE: Our unique sessions carry AMAZING vibes to help those who enjoy gambling while in Las Vegas.  MANY of our clients are professional poker players and there is no doubt that our sessions bring something magical and helpful to the table and/or slot machines for clients- from empowerment and confidence to enlightenment and calmness. We always do our best to recharge all client’s bodies/hearts/minds with the positive energy they need to be successful in any and all of their personal or business endeavors. 

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